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On July 20, it was 50 years since man set foot on the Moon for the first time. One of the most important events in the history of the human being in which watches also have a leading role.

On the occasion of the anniversary, today we are talking about the Omega Speed ??master, the watch that accompanied the first astronaut to set foot on our satellite and a compilation of its modifications throughout history.

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Have you ever wondered what watch astronaut Neil Armstrong wore on his trip to the Moon? I could have done it with the Swiss Watches Manufacturers if they had existed at the time, but to go to the Moon, not just any watch was worth it. The chosen one had to pass a series of tests as one more astronaut.

It was neither more nor less than the Omega Speedmaster. This choice was not an easy task for NASA, since, as we say, the watch that reached the Moon had to pass a series of tests as it was unaware of the conditions that the astronauts would have to face. We leave you an interesting article about the speedmaster tests so that you know what parameters this omega watch had to overcome.

The Omega Speedmaster, one of the quintessential sports men's watches, has been present for more than half a century on each of the lunar missions since that first time. It is the only Custom Made Watches qualified by NASA for use in EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity). Swiss Watch Factory providing desirable fashion luxury watches and accessories for men and women, quality service by professionally trained team members, outstanding value through our strong and direct logistic links with watches manufacturers, and finally convenience through our network of partner retailers and wholesalers across the world, our valued customers will always be at the heart of our business. We can not only customize watches according to customer's specific designs and target price, but also can accept customer's own brands and OEM/ODM orders. We have abundant experience in processing international brands. Welcome your any inquiry at any time.