Armoured zombies are always a good picked, too

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That I am only able to give members to among my accounts..But I am having a rought time choosing, Here's some advice, perhaps you guys can help? Also, go easy, I am new xD... Other Info: All other stats are somewhat less then 20, so meaning small significance. This acc gets the guthix cape and may do claw of guthix out of RS gold battle. I haven't any fantastic quests completed, besides lost town and MM. It also has a lot of MISC. Items that I enjoy. And I have no Clue the best way to move wealth. ( Idont wanna do BH, to risky.)

Other Info: The accounts is wiped clean, No cash, not once per cent. Has no mage done. I cannot rise prayer with these kinds of prices. HE has not done MM (BTW I can not conduct mmI had my friend do it for me...) This acc has 76qp over 48qp. But once more I am to scared to transfer money. SO PLEASE GUYS, Help me out!!!

I just ended"Smoking Kills" pursuit and I was wondering exactly what equipment would be effective for murdering 120 Bloodvelds. I will be killing them in the Slayer Tower out Canifis but I am not sure where they're inside of there and what amount of food that I should bring (lobster/tuna). My latest profit in a stat will be 53 prayer, 54 Slayer, 76 assault and strength, also 77 hitpoints.

Guess I'll be the first man to state slayer with this thread. It's great for when you don't know what to kill. You will gain some additional total levels. I don't think I need to let you know about the slayer creatures you could kill. If you do not enjoy the concept of being told exactly what to kill (that I doubt you don't, cause your question is like slayer, cept no slayer exp.) , you can always try monkey guards if you have started fighter insanity. There's an alter right alongside them, so it is ideal if you enjoy using dharoks. The change also means that you may utilize stat boosting prayers, so you are going to be able to acquire exp in a faster rate. Do not forget your salve ammy (cause they're undead), and a few extra prayer potions incase you can't get through the guards in the time to recharge in the change. Bandits are always another option, just should wear a god thing so they wont stop attacking you. Also a good idea to attract guthans, or a few bunyips so that you can extend your stay.

Armoured zombies are always a good picked, too. Only have to have done Defenders of Varrock. Proceed through the trap door at the chaos temple in the wild. Since they are undead, it is a good idea to bring a salve ammy (e) to find a 20% attack and buy RuneScape gold strength bonus. Good place for bones to peaches, also, since they drop bones and they're a great deal of bone respawns only at the temple. Additionally, it is possible to utilize prayer here, and also their drops often pay off the potions easily.