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Piaget is a brand associated with luxury in general and jewelry, however, its watches are worthy of being among the best creations of the Swiss valleys. Piaget SA watches show us how the perfect combination between jewelery and watch should be, with unique, elegant creations in which luxury stands out, both on the outside and inside.

This week we analyze the evolution of Piaget SA watches and the main models of its current collections.

Piaget's story from its origin

Piaget was born exactly in the year 1874, in C?te-aux-Fées, a small Swiss town in the Jura Valley. At an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, in the northern part of the Alps, Georges édouard Piaget opens his first workshop when he was only 19 years old.

Piaget's origin focused on the development of mechanisms. The brand does not start creating watches from its origin, but develops movements of the highest quality for the time. It is, from its origin, a brand focused on the development of exceptional movements, which is the reason why even today Piaget watch movements are highly appreciated by lovers of haute horlogerie.

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In 1920, with édouard's son in charge of the manufacture, the brand went from exclusively creating movements to developing complete pocket watches. This leap will be key in the development of the brand, which by 1945 already had its own manufacturing center in the Jura Valley.

The development of the ultra-thin watch

Nowadays, it is almost a must for a luxury watch to be ultra-thin, however, the thickness of the case was not taken into account until Piaget managed to modify the size of its movements, an investigation that culminated in 1960 with the inclusion of a micro-rotor that allows Piaget to offer the 12P model, the world's thinnest mechanical watch to date. The 12P caliber measures just 2.3 mm thick, and even today, 60 years after its introduction, it remains a reference among flat calibers.

The perfect union between watch and jewel

When analyzing the history of Piaget SA watches, we cannot miss its imprint as a Luxury Watches Manufacturer of jewel watches. Throughout the 60s and 70s they developed exclusive creations, which were the origin of today's jewel watches. The pavé-set diamond watch, now a must-have in any luxury collection, is actually a symbol of Piaget.

From then on, the creativity of the brand overflows, even working with artists for some of its collections. Geniuses such as Dalí or Warhol participate in these collaborations, helping to reinvent the brand each season.

During the 1990s, the brand adopted a casual image, while maintaining the elegance that had characterized its watches since its inception. Currently, its watch division works with 7 collections in which all its pieces are framed, a selection of watches for both women and men, whose two basic premises are exceptional movements and the inclusion of jewels in a harmonious way.

The current Piaget SA watch collections

Altiplano: The brand itself defines this collection as absolute elegance, and they may be right. This series showcases Piaget's ultra-thin watches, a trait that has characterized the brand for decades. Off-center displays make a Piaget Altiplano watch recognizable at first glance, in a simply perfect blend of discretion and prominence.

Limelight: Femininity and luxury in one of its most charismatic designs. The Limelight box has not changed since its creation, neither its shape nor the fact that they include dozens of diamonds in all their models. The asymmetrical lugs introduced by the brand in 1970 remain an absolute benchmark for feminine watchmaking elegance today.

Piaget Polo: Piaget associates its most sporty models with the sport of kings, polo. The Polo collection is its sportiest range, basing most of its creations on steel as the base material. Sober watches but at the same time with a very modern design, with curved cases that entered the Piaget catalog in 1979.

Possession: Possession is one of the best examples of Piaget SA watches' commitment to women's watchmaking. Its bracelet models are already an icon, in addition, the Possession range also includes some of its main diamond creations. All this without forgetting the importance of movement.

Jewel watches: The first of its jewel collections is inspired by the radiance of the diamond in women's watches. They are recognizable watches at first sight, all of them based on the style lines that the Piaget brand has followed since its origin.

Black Tie: The Black Tie is one of the most curious and long-standing collections of men's watches in the history of contemporary watchmaking. The Emperor tourbillon model is one of Piaget's main hallmarks.

High jewelry watches: Finally, Piaget has some of its most special creations in the High Jewelry range. What characterizes these watches is the inclusion of diamonds both in the crown and in other parts of the piece. Piaget's most spectacular watches are undoubtedly in High Jewelry.

Piaget tourbillon watches

As you know, the tourbillon is a mechanical device capable of compensating for the action of gravity on a mechanism, especially on the balance and escape wheel.

Piaget currently has 15 different tourbillon watch models associated with its ultra-thin mechanisms. The result is an extremely precise watch, in a very small case.

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