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A man takes the cream and sends some cucumbers, or something like that-or something else when he kills the pig.

Among the beggars, there are many people who have the same mind as Elder Song. Qiao Feng's kindness was always in the hearts of the people, and he was relieved of his position as the leader of the gang only by the dictation and written evidence of a few people. Many members of the gang who had always been loyal to him were greatly dissatisfied. Elder Song took the lead in expressing his feelings, and dozens of beggars shouted, "Someone is plotting to frame Master Qiao. We can't believe what people say." "Who knows if it's true or false just because you guys are talking nonsense about things that happened decades ago?" "You can't change the position of the Sect Leader so easily!" "I follow Master Joe with all my heart!"! If you want to change the Sect Leader, you will kill my head, and I won't accept it. Qiao Feng raised his voice and said, "The Beggars' Sect is the largest one in Jianghu. It has a great reputation. Who doesn't admire it in Wulin?"? If you kill each other, won't you make others laugh crooked? Qiao Mou has a word of advice when he leaves, if anyone puts a punch and a foot on the brothers of this gang. Is the greatest sinner of this gang. Elder Xu suddenly said, "Master Qiao, since you don't want to be the leader of the Beggars' Sect, we can't put a knife to your neck. But you are a disciple of Wang Jiantong, and Brother Feng is also a disciple of Wang Jiantong. Why don't you hand over the affairs of the Beggars' Sect to him? It's not too late to leave." I couldn't help but be surprised. Qiao Feng was also slightly stunned. When the crowd was stunned, Elder Song said, "Brother Feng is a disciple of Master Wang, but he has never stayed in the Beggars' Sect for a day. Teach the brothers how to obey him." Elder Xu shook his head and said, "Let's not talk first. Brother Feng, tell us what Master Wang told you." I, where have I seen Wang Jiantong? Isn't this driving a duck to the shelf? It's just that I'm getting more and more thick-skinned now. I don't change my face and my heart doesn't beat when I lie. And I'm very quick-witted. I said, "When my teacher saw my poor orphan,Thyroid Powder Factory, he taught me internal skills and taught me the Dragon Subduing Palm. After I learned the first eighteen palms.". One day he suddenly came to me and said that the Beggars' Sect now had a big event that needed me to find out in detail. Originally, I was not good at martial arts, so I shouldn't have checked it, but there was no better candidate besides me. My teacher told me that besides me, he also had a disciple who was going to support him to be the leader of the Beggars' Sect, but his life experience was a big secret. But his disciple, whose biological parents were killed by a good player in the Central Plains Wulin, was probably a big conspiracy,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, a big conspiracy against the Central Plains and Khitan. Over the past few years, I have traveled from Yanmen Pass to Khitan, Dali, Shaolin and other places. Finally, I discovered that Ma Dayuan's wife Kang Min was the old lover of Duan Zhengchun, the king of the south of Dali Town. Sure enough, I found this big secret. In fact, Kang Min was also used to provoke the hatred between the Beggars' Sect and the Khitan. Everyone was startled. "Who was taking advantage of it?" Elder Wu asked. I shook my head and said, "It's Murong Bo, a Xianbei descendant of the State of Yan. As far as I know, he didn't die, but hid himself." All the members of the Beggars' Sect nodded their heads. Elder Wu nodded and said, "I didn't expect Master Wang to ambush such a foreshadowing. If it weren't for this, the Beggars' Sect would be in chaos. Alas, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Kava Root Extract, I hate that I was instigated by this dog thief, Quan Guanqing, which almost caused the internal strife of the Beggers' Sect.". I'm worse than a pig or a dog. Speaking of anger, he swung his hand and gave himself a few big ears. Qiao Feng jumped forward and took Elder Wu by the hand. He shook his head and said, "Brother Wu has also been hoodwinked. I can't blame you." Elder Xu said, "Brother Feng has been running around incognito for the Beggars' Sect. It's been really hard to find out the truth for several years.". What do you think, brothers? I shook my hand hurriedly and said, "Elder Xu, don't say that. I've learned the Beggars' Sect's Dragon Subduing Palm.". But how do I know how to be a gang leader? No, no, no! Never! Elder Song said thoughtfully, "The Dragon Subduing Palm can only be practiced by the leaders of the Beggars' Sect in the past Dynasties. Since Brother Feng has also learned the Dragon Subduing Palm, it is not necessary to be the leader of the Sect.". It's just that the Feng brothers are still young. Qiao Feng says aloud in the side however: "Qiao Mou has a word, do not know to should say?" "Please speak, Master Qiao," they all said. "My subordinates must obey. ” Qiao Feng said, "When Master Wang passed on the Dragon Palm to me, he naturally had the intention of supporting me to be the Sect Leader. Since Master Wang passed on the Dragon Palm to my Younger Martial Brother, he naturally had the intention of being the Sect Leader one day. Now it is not convenient for Qiao to be the Beggars' Sect Leader again, so he asked my Younger Martial Brother to act as the Sect Leader temporarily. If he can lead the Beggars' Sect to prosperity, Naturally, he will be the future leader of the Beggars' Sect. If my Younger Martial Brother is young and temporarily incompetent, why not let a talented brother be the leader of the Sect? I was standing there listening to Qiao Feng, how come it seems to be more disadvantageous to me? Hurriedly grabbed Qiao Feng and shouted, "Elder brother, what are you talking about?" The elders of the Beggars' Sect looked at each other. Elder Song nodded and said, "What Master Qiao said is reasonable.." Suddenly, Elder Xu put the dog-beating stick into my hand and took the lead in worshipping, and all the people worshipped together. At a loss, I tried desperately to return the dog-beating stick to Elder Xu, but Elder Xu shook his head and said, "Brother Feng, since you are a disciple of Master Wang, don't refuse. If Master Qiao doesn't do it, you do it. One of you two brothers can't be denied." I was so angry and funny that I fooled myself into thinking that I was Wang Jiantong's disciple. These wooden heads really took it seriously. Then I saw Qiao Feng smiling beside me. Just as I was about to say it again, I heard a man in the northwest corner say, "The Beggars' Sect made an appointment to meet at Huishan. They didn't break the appointment. So they were all sneaking around here.". Hey, hey, hey, funny, funny. The voice was sharp and harsh, the pronunciation was not accurate, it was like a big tongue, it was like a stuffy nose, and it sounded very uncomfortable. Righteousness sub-rudder Jiang helmsman and Dayong sub-rudder Fang helmsman said "oh" in unison. "Master Qiao, Elder Xu, Master Feng,Thyroid Powder Factory," he said, "we've missed our appointment, and the enemy is coming!" 。