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A man takes the cream and sends some cucumbers, or something like that-or something else when he kills the pig.

A man takes the cream and sends some cucumbers, or something like that-or something else when he kills the pig. Occasionally, an animal has an accident and has to be destroyed. Smell, you know this kind of thing. It's just that people can't talk straight to the police. Because I guess a lot of these barter transactions are illegal-but no one knows that, because the law is very complicated. But I think Hinchey slipped into the paddock with a pound of cream and left it in the usual place. By the way, the old place is the flour box under the sideboard. But there's no flour in it. Craddock sighed. I'm glad to be among you ladies. He said. "There used to be cloth coupons," said Bunch, "which could not usually be bought or sold because they would be seen as dishonest. Not in exchange for money. But people like Mrs. Bart, Mrs. Finch, and Mrs. Huggins liked woolen sweaters or winter clothes that they didn't see others wear, so they paid for them with coupons instead of money. 'You'd Better not talk to me any more, 'said Craddock.' It's all against the law. ' "Then there shouldn't be these stupid laws," Bunch said,gold heap leaching, and put the pin back into his mouth. Of course, I didn't do it because Julian didn't like it, so I didn't do it. But of course I know what's going on. A kind of despair welled up in the inspector's heart. It all sounds so pleasant and normal, "he said." It's fun and simple. However, a woman and a man were killed,sodium cyanide price, and if I don't do something specific, another woman may be killed. I'm not going to think about Pip and Emma. I'm going to focus on Sonia now. I wish I knew what she looked like. There are one or two snapshots in these letters, but none of them can be her. How do you know it can't be her? Do you know what she used to look like? 'She's Small and dark, 'said Miss Blacklock.' "Really?" Said Miss Marple. "That's very interesting." One snapshot reminded me vaguely of someone. She was a tall, pretty girl with her hair up on top of her head. I don't know who she might be. Anyway, it can't be Sonia. Do you think Sweetenham was too big to be dark when she was a girl? "Not very dark," said Benki. "She has blue eyes." I wish I had a Dimitri? A picture of Stanfortis But I think that's a bit too much to hope for.. "Oh," he said, picking up the letter. "I'm sorry it doesn't give you any inspiration, small gold wash plant ,tin beneficiation plant, Miss Marple." "Ah, but it did," said Miss Marple. "It did give me a lot of inspiration. Read the letter again, Lieutenant, especially about Randall? Goerdeler investigates Dimitri ? The Stanfortis section. 。” Craddock stared at her. The telephone is ringing. Bunch got up from the ground and went into the hall. In Victorian tradition, the telephone used to be there, and it's still there. She went back to the living room and said to Craddock, "It's for you." Slightly surprised, the inspector went out to answer the phone-and carefully closed the door of the living room behind him. Craddock? I'm Rydesdale. "Yes, chief." I have read your report carefully. Are you with Philippa? When Haimes was talking She affirmed that she had not seen her husband since he had run away from the army, was that right? Yes, chief. She said it with certainty. But I don't think she's telling the truth. I agree with you. Do you remember the case ten days ago? A man was hit by a truck and taken to Milchester General Hospital with a concussion and a broken pelvis, remember? "The man who rescued a child from under the wheel of a car while he was crushed?" This is the man. He had no papers on him, and no one came forward to identify him. It seems that he is wanted by the police. He didn't wake up once: he died last night. But his identity was clear. He was a deserter named Ronald? Haimes Used to be a captain in South Lome. Philippa? Haimes' husband ?” 3 "Yes.". He had on him his old ticket to Chipping Crighorn and, by the way, quite a lot of money. So he did get the money from his wife? I always thought he was the one Mickey heard talking to Philippa in the conservatory. Of course, she denied it. Chief, the accident was preceded by- Rydesdale said what he wanted to say: Yes. He was brought to Milchester General Hospital on the 28th, and the robbery in the paddock took place on the 29th. This rules out any possibility that he was involved in the matter. But of course his wife doesn't know about the accident. It was natural for her to remain silent. After all, he had been her husband. "It's a brave act, isn't it, Chief?" Craddock said impetuously. Save the child from under the wheel? Yeah, I got balls. Don't think that the reason why Haimes ran away from the army was cowardice. But that's all in the past. It's a worthy death for a man who has ruined his reputation. "I'm happy for her," said the inspector, "and for their son." Yes, he needn't be too ashamed of his father. The young woman can remarry again. Craddock said slowly, "I was thinking the same thing, chief.." This shows that.. Possibility. "Since you are at the scene, you'd better announce the news." I will, Chief. I'm on my way. Maybe I'd better wait until she gets back to the paddock. The news could be quite shocking,Carbon in Pulp, and I'd like to talk to someone first. Chapter XIX Reproduction of the Case Small% say ^ txt-day. Don ! "I'll get you a lamp and put it in front of you, and then I'll go." "It's dark here," said Bunch. I think a storm is coming. She picked up the little reading lamp and put it on the other side of the table so that the light could shine on Miss Marple's knitting.