The warm wind is not as affectionate as you.

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"She seldom goes home to live?" Qin Siting then stopped the car at an intersection where the lights had changed,

"She seldom goes home to live?" Qin Siting then stopped the car at an intersection where the lights had changed, and then looked back through the rearview mirror, at which he saw the sad look of his forehead sticking to the door and wrinkling his face. Yes, Niannian has been very independent since she was a child. Now, because her parents are not in China, she has found a place to live near the school. Recently, she lives by herself. Uncle Tai sighed, "Fortunately, she called me in the morning and asked me to pick her up. Otherwise, I don't know what would have happened if she had stayed at home alone with a high fever for a whole day." Qin Siting looked at the song again in the rearview mirror, when the lights in front of him turned from red to green, and drove the car forward again. At the hospital, Uncle Tai quickly untied her seat belt and helped her out of the car. Qin Siting got out of the car and was about to go in to help register first. Uncle Tai suddenly remembered something: "Wait a minute. I'll go back to the car to get something. You help Nian Nian in first." Said hurriedly will when read song to Qin Siting, until Qin Siting reached out to help, Tai Shu hurriedly went to the car to take out the blanket, and his wallet and ID card are taken out, now he is also equal to when read song half of the elders, if the disease is too serious need what procedures he has to do,ultrasonic extraction cbd, these have to take. At that time, his body was trembling faintly, he could not stand at all, his legs and feet were weak, and when he was held by Qin Siting for less than a minute, his whole body fell down softly,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but at the moment when he almost fell down, a powerful arm grabbed her behind her back and held her directly in his arms, Qin Siting's hand did not need to touch her forehead at all. Just touch her back through her clothes and know how badly she's burning now. All right, get in there! Uncle Tai came over with something and hurried forward to put the thin blanket on Shi Nian's body. "She's still trembling. Wrap her in some blankets." Qin Siting didn't say anything. He just raised his hand to take it and wrapped the blanket around her. Then he saw that she couldn't walk at all. After two steps, she would stagger and fall down again. Uncle Tai hurried over and said, "I'll do it. I'll send her in. Thank you, Mr. Qin. You go back to class." Qin Siting did not answer, directly stretched out his hand, directly picked up the song, turned around and walked quickly to the main entrance of the hospital fever clinic. Uncle Tai was watching, his mouth open, trying to say something, feeling that his own girl was suddenly picked up as if it was not appropriate, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but at this time. Aw, forget it. By the time Uncle Tai went to register and went through the formalities, Shi Niange had already been helped to sit on the bed of the fever clinic. She was sitting there half asleep and half awake. The upper half of her body was almost leaning against Qin Siting's arms beside the bed. Her hot hands were holding his clothes all the time. She didn't know that there were wrinkles in his clothes. She frowned and hummed twice in her mouth. It was very uncomfortable. How's it going Uncle Tai came in and saw her in such a state that she probably didn't even know who she was leaning on now. "The doctor opened laboratory test sheet, go testing blood first, antipyretics what to eat, you explain with the doctor, I send her to test blood first." Qin Siting's words fell, and he directly helped Shi Nian Ge up again. After all, this was a hospital, and holding her all the way was not the case. Seeing that she was a little awake now, but still a little confused, he whispered in her ear and asked, "Can you go?" When I read the song in a trance, I felt that the voice sounded familiar. I felt like Qin Siting, but I was not sure. I even felt that it was impossible. But it was too uncomfortable to care too much. It was just that when my feet fell to the ground, although my legs were a little soft and my head was still spinning, I still nodded: "Well." Qin Siting helped the man out. The place for the blood test was less than 100 meters away from the outpatient clinic. In the second half, she walked with some difficulty. Her head was almost in his arms. Although it looked like she was being helped to walk, in fact, almost all her strength was not used. She was being walked. When the doctor came to draw blood, he saw a little girl in school uniform. Next to her, the clean teenager who had been taking care of her and holding her should also be a student of the same age. Such a good-looking young couple really made the doctors and aunts who had passed their girlhood look at her with love and envy. Seeing that the girl was still dazed after drawing blood, she could not stand up. The good-looking and tall boy almost took her away with half a hug. Alas, the love in my school days was really beautiful. Several doctors and aunts covered their faces with envy. While waiting for the test results, Uncle Tai went to buy some breakfast. He should not have eaten anything in the morning. Now he was still lying in the lounge waiting for the fever to subside. In a daze, Uncle Tai fed her a cup of soybean milk with a straw. She only drank two mouthfuls and vomited. Fortunately, he just vomited to one side and didn't get it on his body. Uncle Tai sighed and felt distressed and anxious. Qin Siting did not go back to school, but told the teacher, he accompanied the song in the hospital, frankly did not hide anything. The teacher in charge of the class was a little absent-minded after hanging up the phone. When Nian Ge had a high fever, Qin Siting sent her to the hospital? Chapter 1470: You are my little love song (Qin Song 37). When the results of the blood test came out, Shi Niange's fever finally subsided a little, but not completely. When I first came to the hospital in the morning, my temperature was 39.4 degrees. Now it is 10 o'clock in the morning, and my temperature is 38.6 degrees. I still have a high fever, but at least I won't vomit after drinking any more water. She was lying in the hospital lounge, a little more comfortable because her temperature had dropped a little, and she was finally able to sleep comfortably. Qin Siting took the test results to the clinic, and soon came back. Seeing that she was still sleeping, he put the results aside. How's it going? What did the doctor say? Is it the flu or something? "Viral colds,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, but also between influenza B, will continue to have a high fever for several days." When Qin Siting finished, he looked at the time. "Has she eaten?" "Not yet. She can eat the breakfast she bought in the morning. I fed her some soybean milk and vomited. But I drank a few mouthfuls of water before I fell asleep. It's OK. I didn't vomit." 。