Technical significance of color management of flexo printing machine

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I will introduce the color management technology of the flexo printing machines and its significance in detail, helping you understand flexo printing machines in depth.

How much do you know about Flexo Printing Machine color management? What is the workflow for Flexo Printing Machine color management? How can Flexo Printing Machine color management be implemented? With the above questions, ROYAL, the manufacturer of Flexo Printing Machine, wrote today's article to answer your doubts one by one. You may take a few minutes to take a look with me next.

1 Technical significance of color management of Flexo Printing Machine

Color is a key factor in the quality of image products. However, due to the complexity of the image dissemination process, the color performance capabilities of different color input and output devices of the Flexo Printing Machine are different. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the consistent transfer of colors in image dissemination. Flexo Printing Machine color management technology is the key technology to ensure consistent color delivery.

2 Flexo Printing Machine Color Management Workflow

The initial image color information obtained by the Flexo Printing Machine input device is usually in RGB color mode, and the CMM of the color management system converts the color information to a device-independent connection space to obtain device-independent color values. During the conversion process, the Flexo Printing MachineCMM calls the color profile ICC Profile of the input device to work, that is, the conversion is based on the color profile of the Flexo Printing Machine input device.

Color Management for Color Display of Flexo Printing Machine

Since the display is a device for observing the effect of image processing. In order to ensure that the color observed on the monitor is consistent with the color on other output media, the color management system is required to perform another conversion of the color from the device-independent color space to the color space of the monitor.

Color Management for Flexo Printing Machine Output Devices

Convert the device-independent color data to the color space of the Flexo Printing Machine output device. When converting, the color profile of the output device should also be called, and the color rendering method should also be considered.

3 Realization of Color Management Technology of Flexo Printing Machine

We have understood the components and working principles of the Flexo Printing Machine color management system, so how do we implement color management in the actual operation process? The implementation of Flexo Printing Machine color management first requires a stable color environment, so that the effect of observing the original color, screen color and print color is consistent.

Flexo Printing Machine

(1) Establish a standard Flexo Printing Machine color environment

Observing colors is inseparable from the light source. In order to accurately distinguish colors, a standard light source should be used to keep the indoor light constant. First of all, one of the core standards of the standard light source is the color temperature. At present, the color temperature of the light source used to observe the reflective color samples of the Flexo Printing Machine is 5000K or 6500K. The color index is greater than 95%. When using standard light sources, it should be noted that the service life of Flexo Printing Machine standard light source lamps is generally 2000 hours, and if more than 2000 hours, its color temperature and display index will decrease. Also, bright colors around the image can distort the perception of image color, so set the monitor's background color to a natural gray.

(2) Flexo Printing Machine Calibration

Calibration refers to adjusting the instrument to meet the standard. All instruments must be calibrated before they can be used to ensure the normal performance of the instrument. Correction includes input correction and output correction.

Input correction: Correct the brightness, contrast, and black and white field of the input device of the Flexo Printing Machine. Generally, in the printing process of the Flexo Printing Machine, the commonly used input devices are scanners, etc. Most scanners are capable of color rendering to factory standards, some have automatic calibration, and some have operating software that performs routine calibration before each use. For the calibration of the Flexo Printing Machine display, the white point and other display characteristics of the display must meet the ideal setting reference values, so that the display card can display accurate colors on the display according to the color information of the image data. Output Calibration: Output calibration is the final step in the calibration process, including calibration of printers and imagesetters, as well as calibration of Flexo Printing Machine and proofing machines.

(3) Color characterization of Flexo Printing Machine system equipment

Equipment color characterization is the basis of the color management process. In order to carry out accurate color space conversion and color matching, Flexo Printing Machine system equipment must be characterized.

1. Flexo Printing Machine Equipment Characterization

Different characterization methods are used for different Flexo Printing Machine devices. The characterization processing of the Flexo Printing Machine input device is also called chromaticity characterization, which refers to using a known standard table of chromaticity values to compare the chromaticity values of the table with the chromaticity signal generated by the Flexo Printing Machine input device. , make a characteristic curve of the input device. Characterization of the output device of Flexo Printing Machine refers to using the concept of color space for the output device to make the output color gamut characteristic curve of the device.

2. Making a Flexo Printing Machine Device Profile

The process of making a Flexo Printing Machine device profile is rough as follows: first select a standard color scale, usually using the IT-8 color scale, then measure the CIELab value of each color block on the color scale and measure the color scale output by the Flexo Printing Machine. The CIELab value of each color block, and finally the two sets of measurement data are input into the special software, and the software generates the conversion table and obtains the characterization file.

3. Flexo Printing Machine color conversion

The color conversion must make the color output by the monitor and the color printer or imagesetter as close as possible to the scanned original, but because the color gamut of the Flexo Printing Machine output device is smaller than the original, scanner, and display, it must be compressed during color conversion. . At present, the color conversion modes used by each Flexo Printing Machine color system in the world can be roughly divided into two types: matrix processing mode and comparison table processing mode.

The above is the whole content about the color management of the Flexo Printing Machine brought to you today. I believe that after reading the full text, you have a good understanding of the workflow and implementation of color management of Flexo Printing Machine. For more information about Flexo Printing Machine, please read our Previous article: The choice of flexo printing machine