Terms of Use

Uppervote users terms

Uppervote is developed to bridge gaps of long reach that represents the pillars of limitation in human race such in business friendship, gender friendship, colour friendship and social economy development. Our team believed that you and i should be the symbol of advancement in dealings. On this ideology we structured the terms of use that guide the interest of users and the uppervote community as follow.

 When you use uppervote with all it feature and service, we assume that you agreed  with the terms and conditions regardless individual opinion.

You do not pay to use our service except you decide to advertise, transfer funds on our platform, or upgrade your account to reach large numbers of our community users.

We do not sell our users personal data to advertisers or any desiral of your private content. We don't share your private information to advertiser such as name, email address contact address except you give us consent.

 The following language apply as privacy disclaimer notice to company or a referral of company. Individual or a referral of individual,  products or promoter, a product seller or buyer of product, we or us and ourselves or they and client are all refer to as users that are legally bind with the terms and conditions that refer to offer, acceptance and consideration payment necessary to carry out the process of our assistance to a client in a most appropriate acceptance manner for the purpose of meeting users or client needs regard the provision of uppervote services.