About UpperVote
UpperVote is a Social Networking Platform, that Understand The Environment Of The Web, With our new features, user can wonder posts comment, upload photos, video, audio and create online poll.

NOTE! Uppervote property, such as logo and others that are totally associated with Uppervote are fundamental Hallmark of the company! The company own the legal and review right to any of its property.

Uppervote is created with the aim of taping the untapped in social economic development, promoting human relation in business, sport, entertainment and politics. The features in uppervote support further development of human relation and promotion of local and international products.

Furthermore, Uppervote had developed features that help users to befriend a stranger regardless discipline, race or language. Involved persons can establish mutual understanding in social economy development through the use of the platform. There are features that support following of celebrity, friends, group and organizations....

In addition, Uppervote had developed substantial system of opinion poll that can help users to determine the leading vote through the use of its voting poll features. These features create advantage for users both admin and followers of a project in an election: such as beauty pageant, award winning, fashion show; office elections, opinions on any subject matter within authorities and others. Creation of voting poll with uploaded video and pictures best serve these features.

Using Uppervote will usher you into a world with new experience full of fun and business idea! The site has feature of messaging, support uploading and sharing of audio, video, photo with voting poll in a single post.