For NBA 2K22 the standard edition is currently 67% discount

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Any progress made during that NBA 2K22 MT weekend's play will transfer to the ultimate version the game at the time you choose to make a purchase. Both games are currently on sale for the duration of The Free Play period. For NBA 2K22, the standard edition is currently 67% discount. In the case of Xbox One this has discounted the game to $19.79 for Xbox One players, while Xbox Series X|S players will pay $23.09.

The 75th anniversary edition that includes both consoles is discounted by 50% , making $49.99. The regular as well as Champions Editions of NASCAR 21 are discounted by 40%. These are $35.99 and $53.99 respectively. It is also available for purchase at $53.99. Season Pass is also on sale at 20% of for $23.99.Oscar Robertson had a 12 time All-Star and was a single-time winner of the MVP prize, as well as claimed an NBA championship during his illustrious 14-season playing career in the NBA. The "Big O is the only player to average a triple-double for the entire season (and is still the only player with a triple-double record, aside from Russell Westbrook).

The same team as buying mt 2k22 the iconic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during the Bucks 1971 title win, Robertson was a 2-Way threat at shooting or point Guard. NBA 2K22 ranks his Playmaking at the 92 mark, and his Outside Scoring is 90, while his Layup scores of 98.