After completing the chapter, gamers with "four Quest points, a new T5 magical dice.

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Appropriately named Finale, the chapter is described as "the closing of the adventure which explores RuneScape's past present, and future and ends the story's journey to a close for OSRS gold Relomia The quest's antagonist."

Finale will see players visiting three locations : that of the Black Knight's Fortress, the World Gate, and the Kami-Shima island - that may present glimpses of potential futures. After completing the chapter, gamers with "four Quest points, a new T5 magical dice.

The penultimate reward track unlocks during April's Quest Point Caravan, a medium-sized XP lamp,"Relomia's Shadow Rips Home Teleport's cosmetic override Two Treasure Hunter keys" and "one more surprise to be found".

When will scheduled for the next RuneScape Double XP Event?

In Runescape, the Double XP events are always very exciting for players. The event gives players a long period of time in which they can get a huge amount of XP this way, it's an excellent method of celebrating the progress that it's been through and where it can go in the near future. If you're interested in taking full advantage of Double XP event in RuneScape here's what you should know.

Runescape Double Exp will finally begin this Friday, February 18th. It's scheduled to last for 10 days. Since there are only a few of these per year, it seems likely that we'll have to be patient for the next one. It's important to plan your goals and think about the best way to make maximum benefit from that extra XP.

When is when the following Double XP event in RuneScape?

Our very only Double XP event of 2021 after the previous one was over in November. Over the last few years, there have been not more than four events a year. This is for obvious reasons. But they have to be huge!

In the event of planning for the next one, we guessed we would expect it to happen in February. This was the case. . Since as far back as 2014 there has been a double or bonus XP event at this time. Given how the last few events have performed it is unlikely to see to buy OSRS GP see any other changes given that Jagex appears to have perfected the formula.