Reborn Superstar (1)

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In fact, she is not hungry,best whirlpool tub, just to save energy to eat. He fed some water to Nie Fenghua, and under the warmth of the fire, his face gradually became ruddy. Qianse leaned against him and looked at the burning bonfire in a daze.

Looking intently, the best dancer here is actually Ali. Her limbs are soft and her movements are coordinated. She is almost the same as the dancers on the screen. Unfortunately, the FIRE group is so good at stealing the show that the audience did not notice her excellent performance at all. After shaking her shoulders violently, the dancer tapped the ground with her right toe and turned around magnificently to complete the fierce belly dance. Ming exhaled and wiped the cold sweat from his head. It was over. The man was thrown home. He made up his mind that in the next few days, he would not watch TV, surf the Internet, or read any newspapers or magazines. He had better turn off the phone. Su Bo walked up to the three big boys maliciously and looked at them one by one. The three of them immediately got goose bumps. Ming hesitated and asked, "What's next?" Su Bo's lips pouted, toward the screen, the dark screen slowly appeared a long-legged hot girl, her upper body wearing only a little cute, the lower body is a super short leather pants, face painted with smoky makeup, beautiful and moving. The three boys looked at each other, a little confused, the screen flashed, the camera turned to the side of the Spice Girl, and a smooth and shiny steel pipe appeared in the middle of the screen. As soon as Ming's face changed, he really wanted to curse his mother for pole dancing. Who planned this ***ing program? Did he dare to be more obscene? For the audience, it was a completely opposite feeling. There was no most HIGH, only more HIGH. Many people stood up from their seats, swinging their arms and shouting crazily: "Go, go,Chinese spa manufacturer, FIRE, FIRE." Li Chengan approached Li Ronghua slightly and teased: "Your little soldier is going to make a fool of himself. Don't you go to save the scene?" Li Ronghua touched his chin seriously and said seriously, "Actually, I also want to see it." Li Chengan was choked to death by his words, half a day exhaled a long breath, quietly to the side of a step, this mind strange cousin, he or do not provoke the good. Rui stared at Ming with grief and indignation,jacuzzi manufacturers, and made up his mind that if he continued, he would strangle Ming first and then commit suicide. Ming pondered for a long time, and finally made up his mind to raise his hands to surrender, with a helpless face: "Leave me some capital, sell it out, what to eat later?" Ruirumeng gave him amnesty. He grabbed Jie, who was not in the state, and followed Ming. The three of them retreated to BOSS side by side. Li Ronghua squinted his eyes and said with a bit of oppression: "The wings are hard, and I know I'm hiding." The three men straightened up at the same time and closed their lips tightly, not daring to answer. On the other side, Su Bo secretly admired, these three boys are really slippery like fish, obviously do not want to jump, but also said what is the bottom of the box of treasure, I am afraid that the next concert, will release the wind that to perform pole dancing, jacuzzi swim spa ,endless swim spa, and then come out to refute rumors, is really good calculation ah. Su Bo looked at the few remaining contestants on the stage, Ali, Li Shaolong, Min Xinran and Lin yuanyao. With the withdrawal of the FIRE group, the audience finally turned their attention to the players again. Su Bo walked to the middle of the stage with a smile. First, he tilted his head and looked at the FIRE group standing aside. Suddenly, he said, "Is it a pole dance if there is a pole?" The faces of the three boys changed greatly, watching the long-legged hot girls on the screen slowly swing their bodies, the screen suddenly lit up, and two long-legged beauties in the same dress came out of the shadows. When the three of them got together, the music jumped and began to play Beyonce's SINGLE, LADY, which was popular all over the world. At the same time, the three leggy beauties began to swing their bodies in a lively way with the music, completely imitating Beyonce's MTV dance, jazz dance. Ming stared at the screen and wanted to cry without tears. At the beginning, the three of them had studied this MTV specially, and even put on masks to play. They recorded a video and spread it to the Internet, with more than 200,000 hits. It was not the most tragic thing to shut out the opportunity at hand. Li Ronghua's cold voice came from the front and reached the ears of the three boys accurately: "From now on, the next three free vacations will be cancelled." Without looking back, Li Chengan also knew that he was wailing everywhere behind him. He peeked at Li Ronghua beside him and unexpectedly remembered his sentence in his mind, "In fact, I also want to see it." Obviously, the faces of the four contestants all showed their eagerness to try. This MTV is so hot that everyone has tried to imitate the movements. These movements look very simple and should not be difficult to do. As if knowing what the contestants were thinking, Su Bo chuckled with a bit of mischief: "It's very simple, isn't it?"? Later, it will be shown again, and when it's over, it will be time for you to start repeating, and this time, there is no instructional video. Looking at the girls whose faces changed greatly, Su Bo had a little pleasure of success. She smiled and wasted no time. With a wave of her hand, the screen began to play Beyonce's famous MTV again. This time, it was Beyonce's own version. 076 True or false Gege In full view of the public, Ming took a look at the cold-faced BOSS in front of him and touched his nose helplessly. This was originally Li Ronghua's signature action. He did not know when he had learned it, but only when he was nervous, he used it unconsciously. With a sigh of resignation and a partner in one hand, the three of them stood on tiptoe and danced to the middle of the screen, immediately following Beyonce's MTV to do the same dance steps, vividly and exactly. The audience immediately became excited and applauded rhythmically. Su Bo was very good at arousing the emotions of the audience. She immediately clapped her hands together and stepped lightly with her feet to the beat. Under her guidance, many people in the audience stood up and could not help dancing their bodies, and the whole studio turned into a huge dance floor. Beyoncé's MTV, though based on jazz dance, has some unique moves, such as raising her right hand to her forehead, lifting her bangs, stroking her cheeks,outdoor spa manufacturers, cutting diagonally along her neck, chest and buttocks, and then clapping twice on her upturned buttocks.