How To Use The PEEL Method To Write Perfect Essays?

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PEEL method is utilized in recent times to compose the perfect piece of work. The essays that are composed using the PEEL method are not only informative but are also highly informative. The PEEL method is highly popularized as multiple schools are gravitating towards using this method.

Learning the PEEL method is thus an important skill that students should develop. Students often struggle with utilizing the PEEL method. Before seeking English Essay Help let us find out what PEEL is and how it can be used to write impeccable essays.

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What Is PEEL?

The PEEL method of essay writing follows four steps, Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link. Essays are crucial as it ensures that the opinions of students are put forward. PEEL method makes the explanation of opinion easier.

Point: Essays should be straightforward. Within the first line of the essay, the students should reveal the topic. Your stance too should be defined in the first part of the essay. Thus, the most important aspect of consideration is clarity. Information given in the first stage should align with the topic. No irrelevant information or points that are contradictory to the stance taken you should be given in this section.

Evidence: You should give enough evidence to prove your point. In the first stage, you mentioned the topic and clarified your stance. In this stage, you need to use evidence, knowledge, and authority to prove your point. Using evidence in the form of dates, article, and literature review, quotes become of significant importance.

Explain: In this step, you will be required to explain the evidence given in the second step. For instance, you have provided a literature review for evidence. In this step, you are supposed to explain the significance of the literature with the particular topic. Within this step, you also get the opportunity to utilize your creativity in explaining the topic.

Linking: It is deemed to be the trickiest part of an essay. Within this step, you are supposed to conclude the main point of the essay while linking it with a new idea. It is important in bringing variety to the essay. It is also crucial in defining the alternative points of a topic.

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How Does PEEL Impact An Essay?

PEEL writing is crucial for maintaining the quality of the essay. It is capable of providing a detailed introduction, which is aligned with the topic. Furthermore, using PEEL students would be able to incorporate multiple arguments corresponding to a particular topic. PEEL is also important as it allows students to compose essays that are underpinned with logic and evidence. Using PEEL, students are also capable of giving a proper and thorough explanation of the points that are put forward within the essay.

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