How to Make OSRS Gold in Old School Runescape as A Beginners

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Leveling up your skills is one of the most time-consuming tasks in Runescape. That being said, skilling is one of the most profitable OSRS money making methods because of the doors it opens up

If you are new to OSRS game, then you might be struggling to make OSRS gold, which is its in-game currency. There are a lot of methods available, applying which you can make yourself rich in the OSRS game, but not all the techniques are easy. Want to dive back into the world of RuneScape? It's important you know these tips for making gold.


Leveling up your skills is one of the most time-consuming tasks in Runescape. That being said, skilling is one of the most profitable OSRS money making methods because of the doors it opens up for you. The most profitable skills tend to be the skills that are more difficult to achieve high levels in, so it's important to use your skilling time wisely. With skills like Farming, Slayer, Hunter, Thieving, and Runecrafting, you'll be able to earn easy millions at high levels. Woodcutting, Fishing, and Mining are all also solid choices that will earn you a steady income, but they're highly competitive and popular. If you're playing on a member's world, you'll usually find it a lot easier to skill because you won't be interrupted by as many players. On non-member's worlds, trees and mines are often crowded with players. You can definitely choose to skill on a non-member's world, but you may want to take into consideration how many people are logged into the world before starting your training session. Leveling up your skills and selling fish, ore, logs, runes, herbs, and anything else your gather on the Grand Exchange is one of the most common ways to earn money in Old School Runescape. As you level up, you'll be able to fish, mine, craft, and chop better items and sell them for more money.


Most of the Old school Runescape players don't know about this method. Killing chickens is another easy technique that helps in making OSRS gold.

After killing a chicken, you may earn raw chicken, bones, and a particular amount of feathers that you can trade on Grand Exchange. Besides this, players can also trade a cooked chicken.

Sometimes the price of cooked chicken is higher in comparison to the cost of raw chicken. So before selling a raw chicken on Grand Exchange, make sure to check its price.

Running Through the Stronghold of Security

The Stronghold of Security was implemented to help players learn about how to keep their account information safe. You'll encounter four levels of this dungeon and each one will have a small reward at the end for completing it: 10k, a few emotes, and some boots. The monsters you'll find on each level will sequentially grow higher in combat level and most of them are aggressive. You can run through the Stronghold of Security at level three, but it's possible to be killed in one or two hits by the high-level Ankous at the end of the stronghold. It's recommended to get your hitpoints level to around 15 before attempting to complete the Stronghold of Security, but you don't have to. If your combat level is under 50, grab most of an inventory of food before attempting this. You'll need a couple of spaces free for your rewards. Enter the Stronghold of Security through a hole in the ground in the center of Barbarian Village. If you don't have an easy way to gather food before entering, try asking other players fishing by the nearby river for any cooked fish they have. Many of these players are leveling up their Fishing and Cooking levels and don't want to run to the bank or drop their fish individually, so you're actually doing them a favor by taking the fish off their hands.

Tanning Dragonhides

You can make over 400k an hour by tanning green and blue dragonhides and selling them on the Grand Exchange. Purchase a large number of Green Dragonhides or Blue Dragonhides from the Grand Exchange. Then, head over to Al Kharid and get them tanned. You'll be running from the bank to the tanner until all of your hides are tanned. Sell the Dragon Leather on the Grand Exchange for a profit. You should have several million OSRS gold before using this method because buying enough Dragonhides to spend a few hours tanning will cost a lot.

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