As long as the world remained philanthropists will never ceased to exist.

Know a Nigeria fabulous billionaire you will forever wish to meet in life. He is popularly known as engineer Dimotec. His real name is Daniel Omoyibo. His state of origin is Delta State, his precised local government and community is Isoko South Oleh. He is the CEO of Dantinajo's hotel and its environ, One of the intercontinental hotels in Nigeria Located at Delta State, Isoko South Oleh. He is extra ordinary philanthropist. Among other information we gathered about him, one stand him out as a man whom reduced the value of a million to  a thousand when helping people. He gives out millions as if he is giving out thousands. Recently, information circulate about how he gave five million naira to a victim of fire accident whose house was totally razed to enable him start rebuilding the house and lodged him in a hotel to ease his pain until his able to put himself together.

The recent information came from a man known as Barrister Afahokor Akpovieneh Duncan. The following is how he took the information to social media.

Hon Hon Egbo Victor house was recently badly damaged by fire outbreak due to power surge and we all sympathised with him online and via phone calls. One man did not stop at " Sorry o, we hear wetin happen o" , he temporarily relocated Chief Egbo family to an Executive suit in his hotel at oleh and gave him 5m to start the rebuilding of his burnt country home. He is popularly known as Damotech . Methinks he deserves some accolades. Chief Egbo family are indeed grateful for the love and support. Afahokor Akpovieneh Duncan.