If you have above 58 in Fishing skill and over 15 in Agility

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Although this one won't give OSRS GP the same amount of mileage than Rellekka course, the levels of training in Agility can be boring so any different kind of training comes in handy. It's a good course to go to for those who are bored with both Rellekka and Brimhaven and you aren't past 90 yet.

If you have above 58 in Fishing skill and over 15 in Agility, there's another method of training which can be described as Barbarian Fishing. Fish that leap like Trouts, Salmons and Sturgeons are a reward for those who have experience in both Fishing and Agility which can be a great alternative to traditional methods. If you're looking to improve your level with this type of activity, you can achieve 99 Fishing, you'll also achieve 74 Agility during the process. Remember that 15 Agility unlocks only Leaping Trouts. For Salmons you require 30 and 45 for Sturgeons.

To start Barbarian Fishing head to Otto's Grotto with 15 Agility 15 Strength and the 58 levels of fishing. Talk to Otto and , after a brief conversation, explore under his bed where you can find a Heavy Fishing Rod. Make sure you have enough feathers or bait in your stock before you begin fishing. While you catch Leaping Trouts, Salmons and Sturgeons you'll earn some experience on Agility and Strength addition to the regular fishing experience.

It is advised to start this training method as soon as possible as it's great for lower Agility levels but not as effective for those that are close to 99. Additionally if fishing is your second-to-last skill after Agility you'll be wasting an entire year of Agility in the name of nothing. Because Agility training can be boring, Barbarian fishing is an excellent idea to look into.

Between the obstacles, there is an rs3 gold incredibly small time frame where players can play various games such as High Alchemy or Fletching. This makes training in Agility more intense, however it could provide additional income in experienced and the gold. It's a wonderful method of training , but it may lower performance in Agility if implemented in the wrong way.