Salaam Venky Movie Budget

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Salaam Venky Movie - An emotional saga of a dying son trying to live his life to the fullest with his mom helps him.

Kajol Devgan's life drama movie Salaam Venky has been released in theatres. A mother and son are at the centre of the story, in which death takes a young son from his mother. Doctors had said at the time of birth that this child would not be able to live beyond 15-16 years but Venky is 24 years old now. Venky has a muscle disorder in which his muscle cells are constantly destroyed. Venky wants that after his death, all body organs should be donated to the needful person.

A unique story of the tremendous bonding of mother-son, a tide of emotions, and living a short meaningful life amidst the subjectivity of death. Kajol and Vishal Jethwa are the perfect choices to bring the courageous and inspiring story of Sujatha and Venky to the big screen. Revathi has directed such a fantastic movie on such an emotional topic, in which there is no scope to hold back tears.

Death is a sensitive topic. If even a slight mention is made in our homes, we freeze. Kajol and Vishal Jethwa are the life of this movie. This mother-son duo has given an excellent performance. Kajol has already proved her acting prowess, but Vishal has surprised the audience with his acting early in his career.

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