Tube and fittings scaffolding is a traditional scaffolding

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Product Description
Tube and fittings scaffolding is a traditional scaffolding, all the tubes are joined by clamps vertically and horizontally. Clamps are fixed by screwed Eye bolts. The diamater of the tubes is usually 48.3mm, so the diameter of the clamps are also of 48.3mm. It is widely used in commerical construction, residential construction, industrial construction, oil and gas industry, bridge construction etc.
This American type Swivel coupler is used to connect two tubes at 90 degrees (crossed). Once the bolt and nut are tightened, it is very strong can load at least 100 KN.
1) Raw material: Q235 steel bar
2) Processing method: drop forged
3) Diameter: 48.3mmx48.3mm
4) Finishing: Zinc plated
5) Processing capacity: 25 containers per month
6) Test Standard: ANSI/SSFI SC100-5/05
7) Package: plastic woven bags and steel pallet.
Product Specification
No.TypeSpecificationWeight/pieceMaterialSurface Treatment
1Korean Stamping die swivel coupler48.6*48.6mm650gSPHCColorful Galvanized
2Korean Stamping die double coupler48.6*48.6mm650gSPHCColorful Galvanized
3Japanese Stamping die swivel coupler48.6*48.6mm550/580/600/650gSPHCColorful Galvanized
4Japanese Stamping die double coupler48.6*48.6mm550/580/600/650gSPHCColorful Galvanized
5British Stamping die swivel coupler48.3*48.3mm0.8kgQ235Colorful Galvanized
6British Stamping die double coupler48.3*48.3mm1.02kgQ235Colorful Galvanized
7British joint oin coupler48.3mm1.0kgQ235Colorful Galvanized
8British forged pressed swivel coupler48.3*48.3mm0.98kgQ235Galvanized
9British forged pressed double coupler48.3*48.3mm1.12kgQ235Galvanized
Detailed Pictures
Tianjin Huaruitai International Trading Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of system scaffoldings and accessories, forged couplers, plank, shoring props, formwork accessories, fences, ladders, frame scaffolding and other related products in Tianjin, China.
We have been in the business for 25 years, and all our products are BS 1139 and EN 74, AS 1576 certified, the quality is very good. Our products are very popular in European countries, Australia, North America, Mid-east countries, and South East Asia and some African countries, etc.Currently, we have well-trained workers of more than 300, advanced forging lines of 10 and many other advanced equipment. We are also capable of tooling designing, performance testing, new products researching and developing. We have two factories taking up to 160000 square meters. With years of development, we can reach a production capacity of more than 20 containers per month. We are growing all the time.
We have our own zinc plating and powder coating workshops and cast steel/cast iron part processing workshop, which enable fastest delivery and most consistent quality of the products.
We are looking forward to establishing long term business relationship with you in the near future!
Main Business:
1. System scaffolding:
Include: Kwikstage system scaffolding and accessories; Ringlock system scaffolding and accessories; Cuplock system scaffolding and accessories; Haki system scaffolding and accessories.
2. Couplers/Clamps:
We can manufacture all kinds of drop forged or pressed couplers, include: British type couplers, Italian type couplers, German type couplers, American type couplers, and many other kinds of couplers as per your drawings.
3. Fa莽ade scaffolding:
Mainly include: European Fa莽ade Scaffolding, Italy type Fa莽ade Scaffolding, and some domestic frame scaffolding.
4. Shoring Props
Quality shoring props of different specifications can be manufactured in our factory.
5. Planks/ Toe Board:
Both aluminum and steel planks can be manufactured automatically in our factory.
6. Formwork Accessories:
Both Forged wing nut and casted wing nut, steel rebar tensioner, Rapid Wedge Clamp and some other formwork accessories.
6. Others
We can also manufacture fences, ladders, steel trays/stillages and other related products that are needed in the erection of scaffolding.
Strong anti-deformation ability. Compared with ordinary steel plate stamping fasteners, due to the different production process, it breaks through the traditional stamping process on the material thickness (the stamping process can only reach the thickness limit of 3.5 mm, and it is easy to deform due to insufficient strength in the actual use process). And it reaches 5 mm, which can completely guarantee no deformation during use, thus ensuring the safety and repeated and effective use of the product. The right-angle fastener can ensure the good performance and purpose of the fastener in use, and ensure the normal use in construction.
1. Before the construction of the fastener-type steel pipe formwork bracket, a construction plan must be prepared, and a relatively strict and careful construction plan must be formulated. If the plan is not formulated well, some unpredictable events may occur during construction.
2. Appearance quality requirements of fasteners. The appearance quality of the fasteners is often checked. If there are cracks, deformations or bolts with slippery threads, the use of fasteners is strictly prohibited; to prevent construction failures and accidents from using these unqualified fasteners.
Packaging and Shipping
1 fastener is packed in a transparent plastic bag, 50 pieces are packed in a carton, and then packed in a wooden box.
Customers and Exhibition
Q 1, Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a factory
Q2. Where is your factory located? How can I visit it?
It is located in Tianjin, China.
Q 3. Can I get some samples?
Yes, free sample are available upon request.
Q 4. What is your production capacity?
15 containers/month.
Q 5. Do you have Certificate?
Yes, industry standard certificate.
Q 6. Do you have your own test lab?
Yes, we have our own test lab, and we can conduct all the basic tests.
Q 7. Payment term?
T/T, L/C at sight, Aliexpress, etc.Scaffolding Couplers