The original doppelganger

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Where is Yue in court? Mu Ling thought about it, frowned and said,mobile racking systems, "Yue is just a rising star in the court, and Yue's kung fu is ordinary. If you just want to win him, you don't have to practice kung fu with your life." 。

Yin Yang old strange cold drink: "Green tortoise old demon don't play tricks, do you want me to punish him with a knife?" Without any reaction, the old monster scolded a few words and was suddenly discouraged. "Don't be complacent," he said coldly. "I'll break your primordial spirit sooner or later!" No longer threaten Song Liangli. He reached out his hand to cut off several important points and probed his meridians. He smiled coldly and said, "The magic skill is still there. I'm not afraid you can escape from my palm." It turned out that the old monster of Yin and Yang had discovered the special features of Song Liangli, so he passed on his magic skill and mental method. Song Liangli did not reject it, and practiced it without knowing it. The old monster also played tricks on the mental method. As long as it took a long time, Song would hurt himself. Although Song was aware of it in time and no longer used the old monster's martial arts, the old monster thought that he was out of control, so he wanted to kill him, but now that everything was still under control, he finally decided to let him go for the time being. The old monster of Yin and Yang clapped him awake and said coldly, "Wake up!"! From now on, this will be your home until you realize the secret of the precious mirror! Song Liangli smiled bitterly. "Then I will die of old age here?" "If you want to do that, I'll accompany you," said the old Yin and Yang monster. "Bring me the precious mirror," said Song Liangli. "I'll understand it." The old monster of Yin and Yang grabbed the precious mirror and wanted to give it to him, but suddenly he felt something was wrong. "Do you want to use it against me?" "What can I do?" Asked Song Liangli. "I'm just following your instructions. Aren't you satisfied?" "That's right," said the old Yin and Yang monster. When the precious mirror was handed over, Song Liangli took over and caressed the button, racking his brains. The old monster of Yin and Yang looked at the thief's head and eyes and wanted to see the truth. However, Song Liangli no longer paid attention to him, but stroked the mirror and thought. After a hurried shift, the old Yin and Yang monster looked bored. "I'll give you three days," he said coldly. "If you can't understand it thoroughly, you'll pay with your life!" Then he left with his sleeve and took the stone door with him. Song Liangli secretly hissed, the old monster in the side is simply a poisonous snake in the back, the whole body seems uncomfortable, since has gone away, a temporary rest is, thought there are still three days, can drag. He fell to the stone bed and used the precious mirror as a pillow,asrs warehouse, thinking that the relationship between the Yin and Yang old monster and the demon in the ghost land must be better than the demon. Otherwise, how could the old monster be so taboo that he wanted to control the Sun and Moon Instrument and the Yellow Dragon Fine Iron. In fact, if you can lead him to the ghost land, or lead the sorcerer out to deal with the old monster, you will be able to foresee the effect, but you don't know whether the sorcerer is evil or not. If you lead him out rashly, maybe the harm will be even worse. That's not good. As soon as I was thinking about it, I suddenly felt the call of the demon in the ghost land coming from my forehead: "Song Liangli.." I'm a good man.. I will not harm you, I just want to go back to my world, Ali help me. I am just a helpless woman- "Song Liangli vaguely felt that the other side turned into an innocent woman praying, and the body was frozen, but lonely.". He suddenly remembered what the Taoist master had said. The sorcerer was ever changing. Don't wait for the Taoist master to wake up. He said coldly, "Since you're not under control, you can wander around. Why hide there and pretend to be a ghost?" The sorcerer sighed, "I'm in the middle of the ice. Please bring me something, and I'll clean up the old monster for you." "Good, drive in racking system ,warehousing storage solutions," said Song Liangli! As long as you tell me the Yin and Yang old monster covers the dead corner of the door, I will deal with him, and then work for you! "Throat.." said the demon. His dead corner is in the inner throat. Kill him when he laughs. Song Liangli frowned: "Still waiting for him to laugh?"? I think it's hard! "Come on," said the sorcerer, "I'll pass on to you the'Treasure Book of Nothingness' magic skill, and you can defeat the old monster." Song Liangli thought for a moment and said, "I'm imprisoned by him. How can I get out of trouble?" "I can call the wonderful Buddhist monk to save you.." said the sorcerer. Song Liangli exulted: "Is he here?!"! Then call him over quickly and deal with him a thousand times better than the old Yin and Yang monster! "You must promise to help me get the Sun and Moon Instrument and the Yellow Dragon Fine Iron in the future.." said the Ghost Land Sorcerer. "No problem," said Song Liangli. "I'll find a way to get it for you." The sorcerer in the ghost land said thank you, but the illusion was suddenly lost. Song Liangli touched his head and thought to himself that the sorcerer's psychic skills were so strong that he could reach a hundred miles away at any time. If he was a demon, he would be unimaginable. If he promised her rashly, would it not endanger society? However, if he did not follow, he would break his promise. In the struggle, he suddenly made a decision. He secretly said, "I don't care. Let's go out first. If the other party is kind-hearted, help her. If she is an evil demon, how can Even if you break your promise, you can't break the precepts, otherwise there will be endless trouble. After thinking, the mind is more calm, then sit by oneself, exercise and nourish Qi, in order to wait for a good opportunity. About one watch later, I suddenly heard the stone gate lift, the figure flashed, and the wonderful Buddha Zen Master slipped in. He originally practiced the "Taishang Demon Sutra" kungfu. Like Hengshudaoni, he had long hair all over his body. He looked like an ape, or his skill was more perfect. He was able to control his emotions. He always paid attention to his face and posture. How could he become an ape? So he had followed the example of Hengshudaoni to remove the hair on his face, and his head was tied with hair clumps. It looked much more decent, so Song Liangli could recognize each other at a glance. "Is it really you?" He asked. Miaofo Zen Master was attracted by a demon in the Ghost Land. He was most interested in the precious mirror. When he saw someone, he immediately asked, "Where is the precious mirror?" Song Liangli sensed each other's thoughts, reached out and grabbed the head of the bed, and the Eight Diagrams Mirror appeared, "Here it is!" Miaofo stretched out his hand to snatch it. "It's no use snatching," Song Liangli shouted. "You don't know how to open it!" Miaofo had an epiphany and secretly said that he was greedy for a moment and forgot something important. He immediately waved, "Talk outside!"! Before the old monster comes back and all his previous efforts are wasted! Song Liangli knew that the opportunity was rare, so he followed Miaofo and dived straight outside. The two of them went out of the secret room, which was originally the backyard of the luxurious secret palace. In the moonlight, they saw a small bridge and flowing water, and the wonderful Buddha had no time to enjoy it. They drank Song Liangli and dived to the left near the rockery. There was a secret passage at the other end, and both of them fled. About a few hundred feet, the wonderful Buddha came out again, and it turned out to be the back alley of Xiangguo Temple. It seems that Miaofo has never given up his intention to return to Xiangguo Temple. As for this, Master Miaofo began to feel relieved. He stretched out his hand and said, "Give me the precious mirror. Hand over the way to open it. Let's go our separate ways." "Aren't you afraid the old monster of Yin and Yang will make trouble?" Asked Song Liangli. "That's my business," said Master Miaofo angrily. Suddenly want to attack, see is the animal attack, suddenly endure down, secret way demeanor, chest breathing,heavy duty cantilever racks, trying to pretend to be elegant. "Are you still drinking blood and practicing?" Asked Song Liangli. "It's none of your business," Master Miaofo shouted. "Bring me the precious mirror." Finally can not help, reach out to rob.