Xiuzhen carries a super light brain with him.

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Original Title: Maintenance, Use and Advantages of Hydraulic Impact Hammer of Roofbolter 1. Check the hydraulic pipeline before starting work

Ye Qing's face did not relax at all, this dark red flame is only the lowest level of Dan fire, this level of Dan fire can not condense Dan Lei, this is not what Ye Qing wants. With a flash of light in his eyes, a stream of spiritual power madly poured into Ye Qing's body, turned twice in the meridians, and plunged into the whirlpool of spiritual power in the Dantian. At the same time, Ye Qing controlled the spirit yuan in the fake Dan to spray out from three small holes and pour into the dark red flame. With the influx of two spiritual forces, the dark red flames rose rapidly, but the speed of the whirlpool rose and the flames were suppressed. The color of the flame slowly deepened and gradually turned to black, burning quietly in the whirlpool. At the same time, a strong heat emanated from the black flame, which seemed to evaporate the whole Dantian. The speed of the whirlpool increases again, and the heat from the flame is completely controlled by the whirlpool and cannot be released. Ye Qing's face was not good-looking, the black Dan fire did not reach the point he wanted, his eyes flashed, Ye Qing pointed out that the array around him was spinning crazily, and the endless spiritual power was drawn from the cave by the array, and rushed crazily into Ye Qing's body. The meridians in Ye Qing's body were quickly filled with huge spiritual power. Fortunately, he had taken the silver elixir, and the tenacity of the meridians in his body was greatly increased. Otherwise, these spiritual powers could injure his meridians. Ye Qing's spiritual consciousness was all in operation,long span shelving, controlling the spiritual power to pour into the Dantian and merge into the black flame. After the influx of this spiritual power, the color of the flame in the Dantian finally slowly changed, and the color slowly became lighter. After half a stick of incense, the color of the flame actually turned silvery white, which was somewhat inconspicuous in the silvery red spiritual power. Although the flame was burning, it did not emit any heat, which looked quite strange. Ye Qing's face showed a happy look, his heart breathed a sigh of relief,Cantilever Storage rack, and the Dan fire finally reached the intensity of the condensation of Dan Lei. The silver-white flame should be almost the same as the condensed Dan fire of the Golden Dan Friar, which is enough to refine the best spirit ware. The role of Dan fire is not only used to condense Dan Lei, Ye Qing at least no longer need to use external fire to refine instruments in the future. Spiritual power slowly out of the whirlpool, the flame did not change, Ye Qing completely put down the heart, began to restore the body of Lingyuan. The silver-red spirit yuan flows into the fake Dan through the silver-white flame. Suddenly, Ye Qing's face changed, and at the moment when Lingyuan flowed into the fake Dan, the green beads that had been in the fake Dan suddenly moved slightly, and a dark green rich spiritual power flowed out of the green beads, out of the small holes on the fake Dan, and into the silver flames. The silver flame rose in an instant, burst open, and countless silver sparks shot in all directions. As soon as Ye Qing's eyes froze, the speed of the whirlpool's rotation increased rapidly, Pallet rack supplier ,Narrow aisle rack, enveloping all the flames in the whirlpool. After the silver flame exploded, a golden flame appeared at the bottom of the Dantian. The silver flame in the whirlpool rushed to the golden flame crazily. After a moment, the silver flame was completely absorbed, and the golden flame became the size of a fingertip, like a candle. At this time, Ye Qing's Dantian completely calmed down, a golden flame burning quietly in the whirlpool. And the green beads in the fake elixir did not release any change after the release of a spiritual power. His face became uncertain, and Ye Qing never thought that the green beads that had been quietly staying in the fake Dan would suddenly release their spiritual power. Fortunately, the spiritual power was not too much, otherwise I'm afraid it would directly extinguish the Dan fire that had just been condensed. But now the golden flame formed made Ye Qing feel a little strange. After pondering for a moment, Ye Qing suddenly stretched out his finger, and a flame flowed out along the meridians and appeared on Ye Qing's fingertips. The flame was only the size of a mung bean, beating slightly on Ye Qing's fingertips. Ye Qing secretly laughed and cried, and the flame was too small, but Ye Qing decided to try its power. With a flick of his fingers, a golden flame the size of a mung bean shot out of Ye Qing's hand and hit the stone bed not far away. At the moment when the flame fell on the stone bed, the whole stone bed was wrapped in golden flame, and after a moment, the whole stone bed turned into fly ash without any residue. Ye Qing could not help but open his mouth wide. His stone bed could be carved with a whole piece of stone split from the cave behind it. It was extremely hard, and there were several formations on it. Even if he used a burst fireball, he could only explode it. It was impossible to explode it completely. The mung bean-sized flame burned the whole boulder, and Ye Qing found himself looking down on the golden flame, which was small, but more powerful than the silver flame. Ye Qing's face could not help showing joy, with the power of the golden flame, even the late monks may not be able to resist, the power is not weaker than the Dan fire of the golden Dan monks, if the golden flame condenses Dan Lei, the power is much greater than the silver flame. But Ye Qing soon was not happy, the golden flame power is ten strong, but Ye Qing's present spiritual consciousness can not be completely controlled, the condensed Dan Lei is only the size of a grain of millet, the power is only equivalent to the burst fireball, and not as powerful as Ye Qing imagined before. And the golden flame is not much, Ye Qing only condensed three Dan Lei, they had to stop to restore the flame. There is no way, Ye Qing can only temporarily put down the condensation of Dan fire heart thunder, the target to the Vientiane escape method. Unlike the condensation of Dan fire, Vientiane escape method can not be practiced in a day, which requires a lot of time, Ye Qing began to devote himself to seclusion. During the day, you will practice the Samsara Sutra and the Vientiane formula. At night, you will enter the virtual space to understand the Vientiane escape method. Sometimes you will also practice the Golden Flame and the Holy Body formula. To Ye Qing's surprise, the golden flame grew very fast and gradually became very solid. Ye Qing speculated that it would take less than two years for the golden flame to reach the point where it could condense Dan Lei normally. Ye Qing really wants to try how powerful the Dan Lei condensed with the golden flame is, and whether it can destroy the monks in the later period of building the foundation. As for the rest of the practice, it is step by step, no great progress, no obstacles. During this period of time, Ye Qing's cultivation has been promoted too fast,heavy duty warehouse rack, and the spiritual elements and spiritual consciousness in his body are rather superficial, so it really takes some time to precipitate. And this kind of not fast not slow practice speed, is exactly what Ye Qing wants. Ye Qing was completely immersed in all kinds of practices and forgot the time. omracking.com