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Luxury watches for men are part of a very exclusive collection of very suggestive and attractive designs that delight lovers of these accessories. Keep in mind that Guess is not just a watch brand, but that its dedication goes beyond these resources and is entrenched in the fashion sector: bags, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, underwear and a wide range of accessories of all kinds complete the great possibilities of Guess for those who are passionate about these design products.

Custom Luxury Watches for men, as well as Custom Womens Watches and unisex watches, are divided into three very different model ranges: Guess Watches, GC Collection and Guess Connect.

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The most outstanding models of the Guess collection of men's watches are framed within the different special categories of this house. The variety of Guess Watches is a mid-range of designs, taking into account their prices and finishes. We are talking, therefore, of the most convenient models in terms of value for money. Guess Watches men's watches have very suggestive designs, although far from the slight extravagance that defines women's designs. You can find models equipped with a normal leather strap, a mesh strap or even with more elegant and resistant components, such as stainless steel. They have a wide variety of designs: with a square or round dial, with different sizes and formats, etc.

For its part, the GC Collection of this firm is the superior division, with items that in all cases exceed €500, so if you are looking for haute horlogerie models, this would be the division you would have to turn to. To define any of the items in this collection is to speak of modern and fresh models, which attract the attention of anyone who admires them closely. They are classic watches but to which the most avant-garde materials and techniques are applied to adapt to current times and the fashion of these high-value items to define a personal style.

Finally, the Guess Connect are the latest generation creations, combining the advantages of smartwatches or smart watches with the design and quality of the Guess seal. They play with the main advantages of current smart watches but, in reality, they can be defined as hybrid watches. Its functionality and comfort are two of the most outstanding features of these designs, which look like a standard watch but hide a display and LEDs on the dial where you can consult additional information on the time and date.

The price of a Guess watch, as you have seen, depends on the range we are talking about: Guess Watches are the standard watches, with great quality and price; those of the GC Collection are the high-end ones, exceeding €500; and the Connected are hybrid watches that offer great capabilities at a medium price.

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