Upgrade Latest Version Plugin To Eliminate Critical Flaw

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It is easy for attackers to extract private information utilizing an account on the affected site.

Website owners rely on the best plugin to backup all the files securely. WordPress is an important platform to manage a complex website efficiently. You can come across a different range of plugins, and each one works for another purpose. Updraftplus is an essential WordPress plugin with millions of users that experience security flaws. It is easy for attackers to extract private information utilizing an account on the affected site. 


All Updraftplus version manages vulnerability due to the missing permission level checks and enables untrusted users to acquire backup files. However, a plugin is prone to security issues and lets hackers perform a restricted action, use backup files, and upload arbitrary files on the server and plugin settings.  


WordPress team discovers and publish bug and engage site owners to update to the latest version. Security analyst explores vulnerability in a plugin, restore, backup, and clone for WordPress. It has an excellent feature that helps users send a download link for the backup through email. 


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Update To The Latest Version:


Updraftplus is the most popular plugin that enables site owners to backup and restores. It is easy to perform backup and restore activities without any trouble. An administrator can easily backup and restore files, plugins, databases, and themes through the WordPress admin panel. Poorly implemented feature affects site owners very much and creates trouble. It lets anyone and subscriber-level users develop a valid link and access backup files. 


  • Existing backup permission can restrict administrator users.
  • In certain situations, website owners takeover whether hackers access database credentials from configuration files and the site database.
  • Updraft plus plugin users update to the latest version and prevent unwanted exploitation.
  • The latest version fixes such an issue with the printing auto-backup setting on PHP 8.
  • Wordfence updates firewall rules to aid users and engage them to avoid potential data leaks and attacks.


If you have more information about a threat, contact JDM Web Technologies to receive support and upgrade the latest version plugin quickly without any hassle. You can use the newest version and securely perform backup and restore.