PMOLED Market Trends, Growth and Demand Report 2027

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Additionally, advances in OLED technology and other related display technologies substantiate the OLED market growth. Conversely, low market acceptance of PMOLED technology is a major factor projected to obstruct market growth.

The global PMOLED market is witnessing rapid revenue growth. Growing popularity and adoption of PMOLED displays in industrial applications due to their color vibrancy, unique contrasts, and high resolution are major PMOLED market trends. Besides, unique features of PMOLEDs, such as self-illuminating technology that eliminates the need for backlighting the display module, boost the PMOLED market size.

Which Top Market Participants are Consider for the highest PMOLED market share? 

The key players in the PMOLED market are US Micro Products (US), Visionox (China), Sony Corporation (Japan), Panasonic Corporation. (Japan), Samsung Electronics (South Korea),  Apple Inc (US), Accelopment AG (Switzerland), Raystar Optronics Inc (Taiwan), Japan Display (Japan), LG Display (South Korea), WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.(Taiwan), and Sharp Corporation (Japan) among others.

The market also benefits from the increasing research and development activities, resulting in the introduction of environment-friendly products that not only dissipate lower amount of heat but have enhanced mechanical properties. Another key trend gaining prevalence in the global market is the increasing focus on the electrification of vehicles, which is also giving rise to the production of light-weight vehicles and automotive brake friction products. The PMOLED Market demand for in the developing regions can translate to tremendous business growth in the following period.

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